13 Wackiest Products for College Sports Fans


Going to college can be a surprisingly stressful experience for a lot of students. They have to balance studying, spending time with friends and family, and working a part-time job. For many students, cheering for their school’s athletic team is a welcome reprieve from the stress of campus life.

However, some people can get carried away with supporting their college or university team. They go to every game and paint their faces. They wear team jerseys and always know the latest scores. These people are fanatical supporters.

A lot of companies have started making college-branded products to appeal to serious, die-hard college sports fans. Sure, I’ve seen trailer hitch covers and other products that made me think “Wow, that person must really love their team!” But sometimes, there are products so wacky that I cannot imagine anyone buying them.

Check out this list of 13 wacky college-licensed products that you simply won’t believe are real – but I assure you that all of them are!

13. Branded Foosball Table

college-logo-foosball-tableFor the low, low price of just $1,650, you can have a foosball table featuring the logo of your favorite college sports team. That’s quite a lot of money for a game which really isn’t all that fun to play. While the logo may appeal to you, it will make it that much more difficult to sell when you decide to part with the table (especially if you are a Notre Dame fan!).

12. Football Helmet Lamp

football-helmet-lampGood luck getting your wife or girlfriend to okay this one! Though you may love it, you will likely end up admiring its splendor from your garage or office. This football helmet lamp goes for $140 on eBay.

 11. NuTone Wireless MP3 Doorbell

nutone-wireless-doorbellWith a lighted button and your choice of a bronze or satin-nickel finish, this wireless doorbell lets every visitor to your home know who you root for. Better yet, it even plays an MP3 of the school’s fight song as the chime! It’s also guaranteed to make the rest of your family members think you are crazy.

10. Santa Figurine

florida-state-santa-danbury-mintWho knew Santa was a Florida State fan? This hand-painted porcelain figurine measures 9″ tall and is a great way to add some kitsch to your home or dorm room. Available for $75 from the Danbury Mint.

9. College Logo Weather Vane

ez-vane-michigan-state-spartans-weather-vaneIn case you have never been to a farm (or anywhere in the midwest for that matter), let me explain this one. A weather vane is a device that tells you at a quick glance which direction the wind is blowing. It can be mounted on a house, barn, shed, or even just on a fencepost.

A college logo doormat or maybe a pennant in your home office might be a normal way to show spirit for your alma mater – but a weathervane on your roof is strictly for fanatics. One of these babies will set you back $59.99 from BackyardChirper.com.

8. Football Jersey Barbecue Grill Cover

college-jersey-bbq-grill-coverWhether you cook out at home or tailgate before the game, this all-weather vinyl grill cover shows everyone your team spirit. It also shows that you’re a sucker who will pay $60 for a grill cover instead of just using a regular tarp or grill cover at 1/3 of the price.

7. Rolling Golf Bag with Cooler

miami-hurricanes-golf-bagWhen you tee off at the golf course, let everyone know where you stand with a college-branded golf bag. Besides your team colors, it’s even got wheels and an insulated cooler pocket in front for keeping your drinks cold. A pretty decent normal golf bag will run about $80-$120. This one is $200 from GolfDiscount.

6. Inflatable Boat Fender

college-logo-boat-bumperThis next one really is proof that you can slap a college logo on just about anything and have it sell. Have you ever been on a small fishing boat? Boat operators will hang a few of these bumpers over the edge of the hull to keep it from bumping into the dock while tied up. Because it’s very important to let everyone at the lake know which college you went to when casting off. $30 each at KMart.

5. Team Logo Bathroom Set

college-bathroom-setDon’t ever forget how much you love your favorite team! Not even while you are brushing your teeth or taking a shower! This 7-piece bathroom kit includes a team logo soap dispenser, shower curtain, curtain hooks, soap dish, tumbler, toothbrush holder, and a wastebasket. $48 on eBay.

4. Custom College Logo Cookies

custom-college-logo-cookiesHere’s a sweet idea (pun intended) for your next tailgate party! Etsy seller TheSweetShopCookieCo will bake up a batch of frosted sugar cookies with your favorite team logo (or any other logo or shape you can dream up!). Two dozen of her delicious treats will set you back $63.90.

3. Magnetic Mailbox Cover

magnetic-mailbox-coverThis one is just asking for trouble if your neighbors (or your letter carrier) are fans of a rival team. It’s a magnetic cover that goes over your mailbox to let the world know which school you support. Is this really necessary?

2. Garden Gnome

college-garden-gnomeHere’s one lawn accessory you aren’t likely to see in Better Homes and Gardens – and for good reason! These college garden gnomes are 11.25″ tall and sell for $19.99 through National Athletic Supply. They’re also completely tacky, no matter how much you love your team.

1. College Logo Toaster

college-logo-toasterOh. My. Goodness. This kitchen appliance not only toasts your bread, bagels, and muffins – it will even toast your teams logo onto the bread! What a ridiculous and completely silly way to show your team spirit! Retails for $39.95.

If you are looking for a gift idea that’s actually useful and not a gimmick, you should check out MobileMars.com. They have a wide variety of licensed mobile accessories such as collegiate earbuds and USB car chargers for the college sports fan in your life.

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