Twig – The Paper Case



Mobile accessories very rarely offer something extremely unique and artistic. Minnesota based John Woodland and Jon Lucca have earned both of those titles with their new line of paper iPhone cases called Twig. I was completely unaware of Twig until a co-worker of mine was looking extremely fashionable with her new Wilco phone case. Personally, the draw to the case had nothing to do with the band Wilco, but everything to do with the detail, artistic vision, and the fact that these cases were actually made of stacks of paper. At first glance the works of art resembled Andre Amador’s beach drawings, but on a phone case. The one downfall is you will pay a premium to own one. Twig will attract a niche market who will be okay with paying between 60 and 80 USD for an iPhone case. On the flip side these cases are 100% made from start to finish in Minnesota. Keep in mind there is also a 30 day try policy, and a six month guarantee of defects. That’s what I call product confidence. Twig’s website showcases product only for the iPhone 4, 4S, 5, and 5S.


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