5 Mobile Technologies to Watch at CES 2015


ces-2015-bannerIt’s almost time again for the International CES show in Las Vegas! Last year, we saw a huge increase in the amount of wearable and personal fitness tracking technologies. Here is a sneak preview at some of the technologies that we are looking forward to seeing in 2015:

AIR² Floating Bluetooth Speaker by Axxess CE
This portable Bluetooth speaker appears to magically float in mid air! This product won a CES Innovation Award for 2015.
ces-2015-axxess-ce-air2AudioQuest NightHawk Headphones
Another CES Innovation Award winner, these ergonomic headphones have a semi-open back design and are made of eco-friendly materials. The earcups are made of reclaimed plant fiber that has been injection molded in a unique process the company calls “Liquid Wood.” Neat!


Dash Earbuds by Bragi
These completely wireless earbuds are similar to the Split earbuds we featured a while ago. The Dash Earbuds from Bragi have captured a CES Innovation Award in the Headphones category. I have to say, the idea of earbuds that won’t get yanked out of your ears at the gym sounds pretty awesome to me!


Qualcomm® WiPower ™ Wireless Charging Pad
This wireless charging pad from Qualcomm could be the future of charging your mobile devices! It allows you to kiss your cords goodbye and recharge devices such as phones, tablets, keyboards, mice, and even digital photo frames!

ces-2015-qualcomm-wipowerIncreased Demand for Mobile Chargers
One trend I am predicting for 2015 will be an increased need for portable USB chargers. The average person now has a multitude of electronic devices including a smartphone, tablet, iPod/MP3 player, camera, Bluetooth speaker, and other gadgets. Unfortunately, battery technology has not kept pace with the adoption rate of new devices. A portable charger allows for quick recharging while on the go.

ces-2015-portable-usb-chargerWhat mobile technologies are you most excited to see at CES 2015? Tell us by posting a comment below!

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