To Break In Headphones or Not

Break-in-headphonesReviewing headphones means listening to new and different headphones, earbuds, in-ear earbuds on-ear and over-ear headphones on an almost daily basis. There is not often a chance to break those headphones in. It’s not until the bus ride home at the end of the day do I put on my cans and listen to the set I know in the tone, balance and timbre that I like and am familiar with. I have broken those things in!

The question is, are my headphones better for having broken them in? Lifehacker addressed this topic recently and went to some pros to get their data. Their premise addressed whether breaking in headphones leads to a better sound quality/production. So, do you really need to break in headphones to fully enjoy your listening experience?

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Whimsical Pencil Earbuds


Novelty earbuds are a dime a dozen; there are just a lot of them available, catering to the many tastes of different people. Some are devoted to comic book heroes, cartoons from childhood, or even food items. Fancy’s Magic Pencil Earbuds make use of this freedom in theme to go in completely different direction, humor. Owning a pair of these novelty earbuds will probably draw a number of odd looks and questions. One of which is possibly a joking “Why do you have a pencil stuck through your ears?”

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Will Loud Earbuds Be Outlawed?

Earbud-Volume-BanLike listening to your music with the volume cranked all the way up? If you’re walking the streets of the Big Apple, you may want to start looking over your shoulder soon because the earbuds police may come and get you. Forever proactive concerning health issues that plague New Yorkers on a daily basis, city mayor Michael Bloomberg is setting up for another health campaign attack, this time on earbuds.

According to reporter Marcia Kramer of CBS 2, the New York City mayor wants to keep the number of city dwellers suffering from significant hearing loss low. His new campaign is aimed at those people who blast their music while making their rounds in the city and plans to warn them about the dangers of the premature hearing loss that comes from such headphone and earbuds abuse.

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HRT MicroStreamer Audiophile USB D/A Converter

HRT-microstreamerListening to music or trying to enjoy high-quality sound from your computer setup can get difficult, tricky, and expensive, if you’re not careful. It doesn’t help that audiophile-grade products for computers often cost an arm and a leg. Fortunately, there are companies out there that offer quality audiophile products for budget-friendly prices. High Resolution Technologies (HRT) is one of these companies, and its release of the HRT MicroStreamer is its reasonably priced contribution to the portable digital-to-analog (DAC)/headphone amplifier market meant to support computer setups.

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Meridian Audio Introduces Explorer USB Headphone Amplifier

Meridian-Explorer-USB-Headphone-AmpMeridian Audio might not be that known in the mainstream, but you could bet that audiophiles are very familiar with its high-end audio products. The company was there to provide a high-end equivalent of the CD format, so it’s serious about trying to provide the best auditory experience to consumers concerned with sound. Though Meridian has been lagging a bit in the world of portable audio, its Explorer Portable USB Headphone Amp is about to change its course.

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