Brando Mobile Phone Plug-in Speaker

Brando Speaker

If you love listening to music on your mobile phone, chances are your number one accessory in use is a pair of earphones or headphones. It may not matter whether it’s the high end kind or the ones that come stock with some phones, but you no doubt have one to keep your ears preoccupied throughout the day. There are times, however, when putting on earphones or headphones may not be the most convenient thing. For one, if you move around a lot or want to separate your person from your phone but have to deal with the cable connected your ears to your phone. For these times, it would be nice to have speakers, so you could still enjoy music without a break or pause in playback. Brando’s mobile phone speaker offers just that in a miniature form. Continue reading

Square Collaboration iPad Stand and POS System

Square iPad standIf you’re the type who loves to go shopping, the sight and sound of the cash register may have already become significant parts of your daily routine. If, however, that sound makes you sick, then you’d love the new Apple accessory that’s going to change how you view retail. Yes, get ready to call the traditional cash register “old school” and wait until you see your favorite cashier on an iPad while punching in your thousands worth of new clothes and gears.

In collaboration with mobile payment company, Square, Apple is going to sell an iPad-based point-of-sale (POS) system that will make retail shopping more advanced and sophisticated. The Square Stand, as it is notably called, has a 30-pin connection port that will convert an iPad into a credit card processor and POS system. To use, credit card is swiped on the Square Stand to retrieve credit card info, and by way of Wi-Fi or 3G, the collected info is transmitted to proper authority to verify and complete payment.

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Moshi Rewind 2-Port USB Wall Charger for Apple

Moshi-Rewind-Dual-Port-Power-AdapterThough it’s nice to have portable mobile device chargers as a backup option, you should still invest in a portable USB wall charger for your Apple devices. There’s nothing wrong with portable chargers, it’s just that they tend to be more practical for on the go use. When you’re on standby, whether at home or at work, it doesn’t make much sense to charge your portable charger first through a wall charger, then use the portable one to charge your device. There are definitely times when it makes more sense to get directly to the source, in this case, a wall outlet. Here to serve your USB wall charger needs is the Moshi Rewind 2-USB Wall Charger.

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Genneo Kinetic Mobile Charger

genneo kinetic chargerMobile phone chargers make perfect accessories for active people. There’s no need to be bound by wall outlets, AC adapters, or the indoor life just to get a chance at charging your phone. But mobile phone chargers won’t be able to respond to your phone charging needs one hundred percent of the time. How about charging your phone through your own movements, instead of external sources? Sounds like a plan, and it’s a plan that Genneo is trying to carry out with its Kinetic Mobile Charger concept.

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Crazy Headset for Mobile Gaming


Video game skills are hard to come by unless you’re devoted to spending hours upon hours mastering the mechanics of a game. Some people are natural born gamers while the rest of us are just stuck. Stuck in the same, tired three-move combos or maneuvers that pale in comparison to the skill and adeptness of true gamers. Mastering any video game takes even veteran gamers time, but aren’t there some cheat sheets or shortcuts out there to make the process less resource-draining? may have a “yes” for that very question.

For those who would rather skip all the grunt work on the way to video game skill mastery, there is the Focus Labs Gaming Headset, which revolves around the premise that all you need are some low current jolts to the brain to get those awesome skills up and running.

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