DIY Snowboard Headphones

DIY Snowboard Headphone BeanieThere are times when you’re hitting the slopes when you just want to listen to music, whether it’s to get yourself in the mood or sustain a cruising feel. Listening to music with headgear on, however, is always a problem. Full-sized over-the-ear cans are too big for comfort, and earbuds either come off or need constant readjustment. There are beanies out there with built-in headphones, but you can always get away with making your own. That way you can save your money for other snowboard gear, and get cool points for making something so convenient from scratch.

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How To Pick A Mobile USB Charger


The best thing about a fully charged battery is that it’s the least of your worries. At that point in time, there’s no concern about gadget failure or emergency shutdowns that interrupt work or cause general inconvenience. However, the fully charged battery state doesn’t last forever; there will come a time when your gadgets will eventually juice out, and you’ll be left combing the area for the nearest AC outlet. It’s in these situations where having a portable, or mobile, charger becomes extremely handy.

What makes the best portable chargers then? There are a lot of factors to consider to adequately answer that question. The battery size of your gadgets and the mobile charger and the price of the latter often determine what best suits specific preferences.

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DIY Earbud Holder

DIY Earbud HolderHaving long earbud cords is great because they let you move around a bit and you don’t have to worry about yanking out the plug because of sudden movements. But there are times when those long cords become a hassle. There are some great earbud carry cases, including over 160 college logo BudBags – mini earbud duffles.

To go the DIY route, we found this great idea from Instructables! A DIY earbud holder is a welcome sign that someone cares about your plight. Here are the instructions that will make you one and end all your cord-related frustrations.

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