CES 2014: Mimoco Introduces BatteryBot Mobile Chargers


Mimoco Introduces BatteryBot Mobile ChargersWe caught up with the folks from Mimoco in their booth at CES 2014. In the past, we have written about their line of MimoBot character-shaped USB flash drives on our sister site PremiumUSB Blog. We stopped by to check out what they’re working on now, and boy, are we glad we did!

New for 2014, Mimoco will be launching a line of BatteryBot USB mobile chargers. These power banks will provide a recharge to any smartphone or tablet while on the go. In a world of ever-more-powerful mobile devices, battery life is more critical than ever.

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Wireless Mobile Phone Charging with Cota Technology from Ossia


It’s hard not to feel like a prisoner when you’re waiting for your phone to charge but you still need to use it. You are bound to the wall by a short length, unable to walk around freely.  The worst is when the power outlet which you are using to charge your phone is in an inconvenient spot, such as behind the bed because you lose a lot of your productivity having to lie down and wait for it to charge.  But what can a person do when they need to get things done using their phone?

Freedom will soon be yours, thanks to a company called Ossia. Its CEO is a physicist named Hatem Zeine.  The company has hatched the plans for a revolutionary wireless charging system called Cota technology that can charge multiple devices within 30 feet.  Continue reading

Mipwr Dynamo Hand-Pump iPhone Case and Charger


Back in the day, we associated science with those glasses-wearing mastermind geeks that spent their free time in the chemistry lab. Being a science and technology lover was social suicide. However, the future has arrived and science and technology is cool now. So don’t be afraid to embrace your scientific side or bat your eyelashes at a so-called in physics class.

We’re not saying that the makers behind Mipwr Dynamo are nerds, but they’ve definitely come up with something that attests to the fact that science is indeed cool. The Mipwr Dynamo looks like an iPhone case but is actually a hand-pump charger which uses electromagnetic induction to charge your iPhone 4 or 4S (a prototype is being made for the iPhone 5 and 5S). No external power supply is needed, which is great for anyone on-the-go when their battery is starting to run low.

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Lenmar Releases 4ft USB Car Charger For Two Devices


Admit it, you use your smartphone even when you’re driving. Either it’s for playing music, using your phone’s built-in GPS or getting updates from your favorite app, you are using your phone without a doubt. So even if you’re using a battery saver or an app that limits your battery use, it’s still a universal fact that you need to charge your phone. A bigger problem comes when between traffic jams, you find your phone blinking, sending a signal that it’s ran out of battery. If you have a car and don’t have a car charger yet, you’re wasting precious minutes that you could have spent juicing up your phone. So what am I saying? Buy a USB car charger!

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Monster Watts Qi Small Mobile Chargers



Wireless charging for mobile devices is appealing. Tangle-free and wall outlet-independent, it’s a plus-plus alternative to the more standard charging options for your favorite mobile devices. For Samsung, it’s a mixed bag. While the company allows wireless charging for its mobile devices, namely the Galaxy S4, the Galaxy S3, and the Galaxy Note 2, you would have to buy a wireless charging kit for them that would involve outfitting your smartphone with a new back. For those who don’t want to sacrifice slim design for wireless charging capabilities or just want to control spending, the MonsterWatts Qi Wireless Charger offers the switch to wireless without breaking the bank.

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