Review: VYSK Privacy Cases Provide Security for iPhone Users


Review: VYSK Privacy Cases for iPhoneIn case you have never attended the International CES, let me break it down for you. The North Hall is the place to be for iPhone and smartphone accessories. Anything that clips to or pairs with a smartphone is on display, and it is here that you will find Otterbox, Speck, and all the other big names in the phone case industry.

A world away in the South Hall, I came across a company called VYSK that offered a different kind of phone case. While other cases are concerned with protecting your phone from physical damage such as drops and spills, VYSK is the only case concerned with protecting your phone’s data.

It is my opinion that privacy over your personal information is poised to become a great battle of the 21st century. Currently, it’s a bit like the Wild West with every company and service governing itself regarding user data. The idea behind VYSK is that a case should offer protection from all forms of electronic intrusion by offering physical and software methods for protecting user data.

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Twig – The Paper Case



Mobile accessories very rarely offer something extremely unique and artistic. Minnesota based John Woodland and Jon Lucca have earned both of those titles with their new line of paper iPhone cases called Twig. I was completely unaware of Twig until a co-worker of mine was looking extremely fashionable with her new Wilco phone case. Personally, the draw to the case had nothing to do with the band Wilco, but everything to do with the detail, artistic vision, and the fact that these cases were actually made of stacks of paper. At first glance the works of art resembled Andre Amador’s beach drawings, but on a phone case. The one downfall is you will pay a premium to own one. Twig will attract a niche market who will be okay with paying between 60 and 80 USD for an iPhone case. On the flip side these cases are 100% made from start to finish in Minnesota. Keep in mind there is also a 30 day try policy, and a six month guarantee of defects. That’s what I call product confidence. Twig’s website showcases product only for the iPhone 4, 4S, 5, and 5S.


Keep Your Mobile Tech Charged With Nazetech 4-port USB Wall Charger



Nowadays, it is quite typical for a modern American household to also be home to several gadgets that use a USB port to charge. Most households that are technologically up to date will usually be home to a couple tablets, a smartphone for everyone at home, and other gadgets that typically use a USB cable for charging. Thus, it can sometimes be a frustrating experience when you find that you’re working on your home desk and you realize you’ve run out of outlets to charge your gadgets in. Nazetech came up with a simple and straightforward solution to this chronically annoying problem.

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Trego’s iPad Backpack Sends You To College In Style

Trego iPad backpack


Carrying your things along with your iPad becomes much easier with the Trego Wearable iPad Case. The Trego Wearable iPad Case is specially structured to fit tablets from iPad2 onwards. It protects it from the elements while doubling as a handy work station. The wearable case is made of tough and durable nylon with aluminum D-rings. It has industrial-grade zippers to ensure longevity and strength. It likewise easily slings over your shoulder via an adjustable strap, making your hands available for carrying lighter and more compact things.

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