Play RockBand for iMac with your Feet

BT105-AirTurnGadgets have quickly climbed your ‘essentials’ list. Whether at work or at play, devices such as iPads, smartphones and the like are now considered staples. Because of their versatility (special thanks to different applications and programs that can easily be downloaded and installed on them), gadgets can be personalized or customized according to the user’s preference. Some of these devices can be turned into tools for business or school presentations, or they can even be used as game centers for leisure and play activities. However, as compact as they are, using gadgets smoothly can sometimes be a lot challenging. If you have are sick of dealing with highly sensitive touch screens, clumsy handling, and other handling problems, our featured accessory, BT-105, is something to look forward to.

Perfect for customizing your device, the BT-105 made by AirTurn connects to iOS devices and enables users to make use of a foot pedal controller. This controller is designed for actions like turning pages of sheet music, lyrics, or tablature, and triggering musical effects – all while keeping your hands onto your musical instrument.

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