CES 2015: 5 Amazing New Smartphones


As mobile phones become a more integral part of our daily lives and our society, they are becoming more than just communication devices. Phones also include cameras, fitness trackers, and a variety of other features designed to make life easier and more convenient.

Here are 5 brand-new smartphones I saw at CES 2015 that I would say are truly amazing.

Kodak IM5 Smartphone

ces-2015-kodak-smartphone_BIGThe first-ever smartphone from Kodak might also be the first one your grandparents can use. The Android-powered device features extra-large, high-contrast icons and a custom interface that is simple to use. The bundled Kodak camera app allows you to take and print photos easily, while the Remote Assist feature allows the grandkids to log in remotely and manage contacts, etc.

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What is Blackphone?


Now that the curtain has been pulled back on the NSA’s data collection, many questions loom about the usage of consumer’s cell data.  One revolutionary new product is taking these questions head-on, and it’s called Blackphone. Madrid based Geeksphone has teamed up with Washington, DC based Silent Circle, and made it perfectly clear that Blackphone’s number one priority is the budding new commodity, user privacy. Co-Founder Phil Zimmermann also gives us extremely strong vibes that he’s not interested in profiting from user data.  Which is quick a way to get customers on board. However, while the co-founder seems ambitious to make our data safer, it’s a tall order to deliver on. But we can’t give enough credit for trying.

The relevant information we have on the Blackphone thus far is that it’s a smartphone being designed by a small group of global cryptographers putting user privacy ahead of everything. Co-Founder & Silent Circle CTO Jon Callas summed it up best by saying “It’s configured, setup, and modified so that the privacy aspects of it are all melded together. From the security parts of the CPU, to the hardware of the phone, to the operating system and apps so that just about everything you do, is private.” On paper this sounds like a genius idea.

It appears that the phone uses GSM technology which stores user info on a SIM card. It is worth noting that in the USA, AT&T and T-Mobile are both GSM carriers, however Sprint, Verizon, and U.S. Cellular use CDMA technology. CDMA technology stores user info on a network, not a SIM. On a basic level you can see why they chose GSM. Because this phone will be vendor-independent you will be able to pick your GSM carrier. We also know that the OS will be PrivatOS which is Andriod based. The unveiling of the actual phone will be done in Barcelona at the Mobile World Congress in late February.

The three conclusions we can draw about the Blackphone at this point is that their number one goal is to protect user data. The technology has a ridiculous upside, if it can deliver. And finally, promising data security is something companies love to do, unfortunately not delivering is too. We can’t help rooting for Blackphone’s success. User privacy mixed with potential open source  sounds like a positive step in resurrecting consumer confidence in cellular data. At the very least, it might alarm the competition. Let’s hope Blackphone can make phone technology like they can over the top promo videos.

CES 2014: Caterpillar Rugged Mobile Phones


Caterpillar Rugged PhonesCaterpillar is a global manufacturer of construction machines including graders, bulldozers, and other heavy machinery. The company behind these big, yellow machines has a new innovation that’s small enough to fit in your pocket.

At the 2014 CES Show, we saw a new line of rugged mobile phones from Caterpillar. We checked out two models, the B100 Feature Phone and the B15 Smartphone.

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Rumors Flying About Samsung Galaxy S5 Smartphone


Samsung hit a home run when it launched the Galaxy S3 in July of 2012, selling over 20 million units of their flagship smartphone in the first 100 days. Samsung then went to the moon with the Galaxy S4, which was launched in April 2013 and became the fastest selling phone in the company’s history.

The Galaxy S4 is currently the latest and greatest smartphone and has helped Samsung close the gap in market share between the reigning champion Apple iPhone. But rumors are already flying about Samsung’s next big thing: the Galaxy S5.

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myType Mobile Keyboard Pad for Smartphones and Tablets

As we grow increasingly reliant on our gadgets, we sometimes can’t help but expect our work to be readily available at our fingertips. Gadgets provide us with utmost convenience, and as a result, we end up being too dependent on our smartphones and tablets. But they can only do so much. For instance, they can only provide you with a keypad that’s as good a size as your smallest fingers. If you have big fingertips, they just won’t work for you. This is the problem sought to be resolved by the all new myType mobile typing pad while also offering undisputed portability.

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