myType Mobile Keyboard Pad for Smartphones and Tablets

As we grow increasingly reliant on our gadgets, we sometimes can’t help but expect our work to be readily available at our fingertips. Gadgets provide us with utmost convenience, and as a result, we end up being too dependent on our smartphones and tablets. But they can only do so much. For instance, they can only provide you with a keypad that’s as good a size as your smallest fingers. If you have big fingertips, they just won’t work for you. This is the problem sought to be resolved by the all new myType mobile typing pad while also offering undisputed portability.

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Crazy Headset for Mobile Gaming


Video game skills are hard to come by unless you’re devoted to spending hours upon hours mastering the mechanics of a game. Some people are natural born gamers while the rest of us are just stuck. Stuck in the same, tired three-move combos or maneuvers that pale in comparison to the skill and adeptness of true gamers. Mastering any video game takes even veteran gamers time, but aren’t there some cheat sheets or shortcuts out there to make the process less resource-draining? may have a “yes” for that very question.

For those who would rather skip all the grunt work on the way to video game skill mastery, there is the Focus Labs Gaming Headset, which revolves around the premise that all you need are some low current jolts to the brain to get those awesome skills up and running.

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