DIY iPad Case: Composition Notebook

diy-ipad-caseYou’re in class and suddenly out of nowhere, it strikes you – boredom.  You know that your teacher would frown upon it or, worse, reprimand you in front of your classmates if she caught you playing with your tablet during class. But what to do in these extremely trying times? Try a DIY iPad case made from a Composition Notebook!

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How To Make A DIY Travel Charging Kit

Travel-Charging-KitHaving at least two to three gadgets (a fairly conservative number) on you at all times is not just for the tech savvy people anymore. A Smartphone, laptop, tablet, and some USB accessories can be a part of a person’s everyday carry-on kit. If you carry all these devices when traveling, you likely need them for various functions. Unfortunately, batteries don’t run forever, and you’re going to eventually have to recharge all those gadgets. That means toting with you not only the gadgets themselves, but their separate chargers, connectors, and what not. All of which add to the weight of your daily load. To put simply, it’s one big hassle. How do you alleviate this problem? One convenient way is to make your own travel charging kit. You don’t have to go through the effort of bringing various chargers and cables; just grab your kit and go.

Below I review how to make your very own Travel Charging Kit.

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DIY Earbud Holder

DIY Earbud HolderHaving long earbud cords is great because they let you move around a bit and you don’t have to worry about yanking out the plug because of sudden movements. But there are times when those long cords become a hassle. There are some great earbud carry cases, including over 160 college logo BudBags – mini earbud duffles.

To go the DIY route, we found this great idea from Instructables! A DIY earbud holder is a welcome sign that someone cares about your plight. Here are the instructions that will make you one and end all your cord-related frustrations.

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