Split Earbuds Are A Truly Innovative Idea


The word “innovative” gets thrown around a lot these days, but I feel that it’s the most appropriate word to describe the Split Earbuds from Greenwing Audio. This 3-person startup company from Miami Beach, Florida has come up with a completely new and original way to listen to music.

Let me explain what makes their idea so different from other earbud headphones on the market. If you’re like most people, you probably use your iPhone or Android smartphone for listening to music. The phone is a player, which stores the audio tracks digitally and converts them to an analog signal. That signal becomes a sound wave by means of a speaker driver, such as those found in a pair of speakers, or a tiny version inside a pair of headphones.

The Split Earbuds combine the player and the earbuds into one device. You don’t plug them in to anything. You don’t pair them wirelessly with your phone. The earbuds ARE the player!

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Back to School – College Branded Mobile Accessories

collegiate-licensed-brand-mobilemarsAre you ready for school? Apart from grabbing books, notebooks, and pens – make sure you do not miss out on college branded mobile accessories that will surely keep your school spirit alive and kicking! Whether listening to music, surfing the internet, or storing your accessories, Mobile Mars by US Digital Media has your school spirit covered.

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Earbud Phone Case by Sound Pockets

sound-pocketsListening to music or audio with earphones is the ultimate convenience. They don’t mess up your hair the way headphones do, they’re discrete, and, best of all, they’re very portable. Earphones, however, are tricky accessories to store. They seem to abide by a condition that they will almost always get tangled, even when you’ve taken pains to wrap them neatly and carefully for storage. Some kind of mystery happens between the time you neatly stashed them in your bag and the time you’ll take them out again to listen to files on your phone. It may be a mystery that will never be solved. Luckily, Sound Pockets is offering a practical solution for this common problem. The company’s solution takes the form of an iPhone case that comes with a earphone cable management system. The case is none other than the Sound Pockets Freedom Case.

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College Mobile Accessories

collegiate-mobilemars-mobile-accessoriesYou and your college friends may not agree to everything. You may argue about the littlest things or debate on the most absurd topics. But one thing you and your college friends would not dare debate on is what the best school in the world is. It’s time to show everybody that your college team is no.1 with these mobile accessories from Mobile Mars and US Digital Media.

With a listing of over 160 officially licensed schools, US Digital Media makes sure that you can show your school pride. Choose from USB mobile charger, Ignition earbuds, or USB car charger – brought to you by the country’s biggest retailer of customized mobile accessories. All the accessories vary in color and contain the logo or mascot of your favorite school.

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Whimsical Pencil Earbuds


Novelty earbuds are a dime a dozen; there are just a lot of them available, catering to the many tastes of different people. Some are devoted to comic book heroes, cartoons from childhood, or even food items. Fancy’s Magic Pencil Earbuds make use of this freedom in theme to go in completely different direction, humor. Owning a pair of these novelty earbuds will probably draw a number of odd looks and questions. One of which is possibly a joking “Why do you have a pencil stuck through your ears?”

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