Whimsical Pencil Earbuds


Novelty earbuds are a dime a dozen; there are just a lot of them available, catering to the many tastes of different people. Some are devoted to comic book heroes, cartoons from childhood, or even food items. Fancy’s Magic Pencil Earbuds make use of this freedom in theme to go in completely different direction, humor. Owning a pair of these novelty earbuds will probably draw a number of odd looks and questions. One of which is possibly a joking “Why do you have a pencil stuck through your ears?”

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Berkeley’s Graphene Earbuds Will Be Amazing

Graphene-earbudsThe University of California (UC) Berkeley is used to getting buzz for out-of-this-world technological advancements. A group of researchers from the university have announced the creation of the first graphene-based earphones. Except, why all the attention for simple old earphones? And what is graphene? Does that have something to do with the graphite of a pencil?

This simple answer is graphene earbuds produce unbelievable sound with a super-small piece of equipment and are incredibly strong. As this technology develops, it will revolutionize how earbuds are manufactured and what they will even look like!

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Bone Conduction Headphones


Different people have different ways of listening to music. Some like to crank it up to deafening volume levels, while others prefer subdued volumes that make carrying a conversation at normal speaking volume possible. For those who want a surround sound experience on the cheap, noise cancellation headphones are a definite go-to.

But what about consumers who still want to listen to music but also want to hear their surroundings? There are open-air designs in the market, but the problem is that your ears are still covered. To remedy this, companies are developing a revolutionary technique called Bone Conduction headphones! Sounds like science fiction? It’s science FACT!

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