Kii USB Mobile Charge Connector

Kii Mobile Charger ConnectorWith all the mobile chargers available today, I cannot fathom how hard it is for mobile charger companies to think of a gimmick that will make them stand out. Two common trends are obvious – there are those that go after the environmental friendly, then there are those that go after the more functional. BlueLounge chose the latter and came up with something practical and functional at the same time. Perfect. They called it the Kii USB mobile charger connector.  Continue reading

PhotoJojo Pocket Spotlight – An Enhanced iPhone Flash

pocket_spotlightAsk iPhone users what they think about their iPhone flash and you will hear nonstop complaints for getting less than pleasant results. They will most likely say that the flash is just too harsh or too bright, that they’d rather have it turned off. It’s a given that the iPhone’s flash is not one of those things Apple device owners are proud of. But that doesn’t mean you can’t make the most of your camera phone, especially since an ingenious developer named Photojojo created Pocket Spotlight, a new accessory that will give you the portable light you need when taking a photo.

The Pocket Spotlight looks like, well, a flash – the ones you see professional photographers carry around to enhance their shots. But note that it is not really a flash; rather, it acts as an illuminator, providing the right amount of light to properly present your photo subject no matter how dark or low-lighted the surrounding is, and whether you are taking shots outdoor or indoor.

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