Headphone Basics: Open Back vs. Closed Back


closed-vs-open-back-headphonesA pair of stereo headphones might seem like a pretty simple thing. You plug them in to a computer or iPod and you listen to music: what else is there to know?

The truth is that there’s a lot more to headphones than you might think. At a broad level there are earbuds, on-ear headphones, and over-ear headphones. Within each of these types, there are different quality levels and price points designed for different types of listening. A pair of headphones that a DJ or musician uses might be very different from the kind a recording engineer uses or a commuter uses while riding public transit to work.

Today I want to talk about over-ear headphones such as Beats by Dre, Skullcandy Hesh, and the AudioSpice Force headphones by US Digital Media. These type of headphones fall into two categories: open back and closed back. What is the difference between the two and why should you care? Read on to find out.

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Introducing US ARMY® Mobile Accessories

us-army-mobile-marsShowing military pride in any small way means a world of difference to our troops. It’s always good to know that the people you’re fighting for appreciate your service for your country. Though there are many traditional ways to show your support, why not extend it a bit further and include your gadgets and their accessories as one of the new things you can utilize to show your pride?

US Digital Media makes this possible with a recent collaboration with the U.S. Army regarding mobile accessories bearing the U.S. ARMY® logo. Now you can honor the troops through your accessories, be it a set of headphones or an earbud storage pouch!

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How To Tell Your Right Earbud From Your Left

AudioSpice earbudsEarbuds make taking the long bus ride home bearable – plugged into my phone and listening to my place. It makes the humdrum more bearable. Listening to music is a luxury. It’s a delight to the ears and soothing for the brain. It’s a lot of fun to and gives you the opportunity to get lost and forget everyday troubles even for just a while. Of course, there are lots of ways to listen to music and the prices for headphones range from just a couple dollars to hundreds! But, for everyday listening, earbuds seem to be the norm. Continue reading

To Break In Headphones or Not

Break-in-headphonesReviewing headphones means listening to new and different headphones, earbuds, in-ear earbuds on-ear and over-ear headphones on an almost daily basis. There is not often a chance to break those headphones in. It’s not until the bus ride home at the end of the day do I put on my cans and listen to the set I know in the tone, balance and timbre that I like and am familiar with. I have broken those things in!

The question is, are my headphones better for having broken them in? Lifehacker addressed this topic recently and went to some pros to get their data. Their premise addressed whether breaking in headphones leads to a better sound quality/production. So, do you really need to break in headphones to fully enjoy your listening experience?

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iFrogz Animatone Safe Earphones for Kids

iFrogz-Animatone-earphonesKids love music and technology just as much, and sometimes even more, than adults. But what we adults take precautions against (such as extremely loud volumes) is not necessarily the top priority of most kids, unless you tell them about it. And even then, there comes a time when it’s better to have safety measures already in place. Especially with the increased awareness of hearing damage among younger people, adolescents and children alike. iFrogz Animatone headphones and earbuds are made to protect young ears from the dangers of listening to music at high volumes.

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