CES 2014: Body Glove Introduces Slim Rugged Phone Cases


BodyGlove Slim Rugged Phone CasesBody Glove is famous for surfing gear and wetsuits, which provide swimmers and surfers with an extra layer of protection against the elements. Their newest product is rugged phone cases, which give smartphone owners an extra layer of protection for their devices.

Let’s be honest: most of the “rugged” phone cases on the market add a lot of bulk to your sleek device. With chunky corners and grippy rubber backings, most “bumper” cases feel like keeping a small brick in your pocket.

Well, that’s where Body Glove stands apart from the competition. Their new line of smartphone cases offer the sturdy protection of a rugged case in a slim shape that’s not at all bulky! Let’s take a moment to focus on two cases which I checked out in depth at CES 2014.

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CES 2014: FLIR One Infrared Camera for iPhone 5/5s


FLIR One Infrared CameraWe saw a lot of cool gadgets at the 2014 International CES Show in Las Vegas, but one of the most interesting was a thermal imaging camera for the Apple iPhone 5 and 5s. Made by FLIR Systems, the FLIR One is the company’s brand new infrared camera for smartphone users.

We caught up with Jeff Frank from FLIR Systems and he showed us some of the features and capabilities of the FLIR One. Check out our video for a complete overview and demo:

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Duracell PowerSnap Wireless Charger for iPhone 5 Reviewed

Wireless charging is the next big thing for mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. Wireless is good news for those constantly being bothered by cables, and Qi wireless chargers are starting to pop up all over the place to cater to user demands. Though the wireless charging niche is still in its infancy, it has a lot of potential and seems to point towards a burgeoning trend. Unfortunately for Apple mobile device owners, all the hubbub about wireless charging is benefitting Android devices more. But there is hope for Apple users eager to give the wireless charging game a try. That hope comes in the form of the Duracell PowerSnap wireless charger for the iPhone 5.

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Multi-Task with the Charger Stand for iPhone® 5


All Apple products come with their own Apple chargers. There are third-party chargers out there, no doubt. But unless the charger Apple has supplied is dead, there’s often no motivation to go looking for another charger as a substitute. An iPhone 5 charger from Trunk just might have you considering the option even if you’re current phone charger is working all right. Trunk’s new iPhone 5 charger is a two-in-one deal, a charger and a flexible stand.

The iPhone 5 Charger Stand from Trunk is a simple device and also extremely practical. It can even be a bit puzzling to know that no one has thought of it before. Trunk’s iPhone 5 charger stand solves two problems commonly encountered when it comes time to charge your smartphone. Those two problems are the presence of cables and the lack of a support or dock on which you can rest your iPhone as it charges.

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Shiny AluFrame Case for iPhone 5 from Just Mobile

AluFrameWhen you want a classic bumper for your iPhone 5, AluFrame from Just Mobile keeps the slim look and classic styling which made you buy your Apple phone in the first place. The people behind many aluminum Mac and iOS accessories such as AluRack laptop mount and AluPen stylus have created another top of the line product, which definitely delivers just like it promises.

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