Prong PocketPlug Charging Case for iPhone



With smartphones being used 24/7, they are exposed to a great risk of being damaged when accidentally dropped or when they fall off from pockets or bags. At the same time, if you use your smartphone very often, you have more chances of draining its battery really fast and before you know it, your phone has already died on you. But since you cannot have a dead smartphone (either because you dropped it accidentally or your battery ran out of charge), you need a protective case and a handy charger for it. If you think they can’t come together as one, think again.

Here comes a very functional device developed by Prong. Aptly called PocketPlug, this plug-in charger case works as a protective case and a charger at the same time.

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Nomad ChargeKey Connects iPhones


Bringing a USB charger to work, school, or travel can oftentimes be a hassle – with its bulky body and long wires. But admit it, USB chargers have truly become a necessity today. Just imagine your smartphone or tablet running out of battery and dying on you in the middle of the day. How do you cope with that? In response to this growing need, a lot of USB chargers have been developed and sold in the market today.

Known for creating modern and minimalist accessories for smart phones, Nomad has released an incredibly small and handy USB charger, called ChargeKey. It is a portable USB cable that can be used to charge your iPhone or any other compatible gadgets via a USB port anywhere and anytime. Continue reading

Belkin Dyle Mobile Phone TV Receiver for iOS

BelkinDyle Smartphone TV

Television, in our current technological atmosphere, is no longer something that’s bound to the four, sleek corners of a flat screen LCD. It’s been possible for a long while now to be able to use your laptop or desktop as a TV with your very own personalized programming. And with the ability to download series through services like iTunes, the definitions related to television have been loosening and accommodating increasingly variable setups. One of these variable setups takes the form of Dyle Mobile TV, a service that provides mobile devices with live broadcasts of programs from local channels. What’s more is that most Apple mobile devices can now access Dyle Mobile TV thanks to the new BelkinDyle Mobile TV receiver for iOS.

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