Protect Your New iPhone 5s With A Stun Gun Case By YellowJacket


With its price and capabilities, iPhones are obviously some of the most popular phones today. But while this fame works well for Apple, the company behind iPhones, this doesn’t always work out for iPhone users. Why? Because their popularity makes iPhones more susceptible to thieves! Fortunately, a Louisiana-based innovator has thought of a scheme to finally minimize such incidents – a built-in stun gun.

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Wally Case iPhone Wallet


It can sometimes be an annoying experience, especially for men who do not usually carry around handbags, to store all your stuff in your pockets. The usual routine is to keep your phone/s in your front pocket/s, and your wallet at the back pocket. Thus, sitting can prove to be uncomfortable in the long term, and not to mention the fact that some studies even explored the fact that keeping a bulky wallet in your back pocket may even have implications on your posture in the long term.

Thankfully, iPhone wallets, particularly the Wally iPhone wallet, have come as a simple but neat solution to this problem.

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Susan G. Komen Tablet Cases at Mobile Mars

susuan-g-komen-tablet-cases-mobilemarsThere are thousands of ways to cover and protect your valuable tablet. But being able to keep your iPad® safe and give awareness AND donations to Susan G. Komen®. Branded tablet cases are compatible with iPad 2, 3, and Mini.

The Mobile Mars Tablet Cases for Susan G. Komen are made using Guard Dog cases. The cases themselves are made from a hard plastic material that is durable enough to protect your expensive and valuable Apple iPad from minor scratches and bumps that might damage its exterior.

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Love a Saltine Cracker iPhone® 4/4s Case

Saltine-Cracker-iPhone-4-or-4S-Custom-CaseSaltine crackers are a simple snack. Eaten plain or maybe with a little cheese or peanut butter, and you’ve got a snack that’s humble yet still fulfilling. If you’re not into snacking on them so much and are aiming instead on using them for a bet, then you have got the saltine cracker challenge available as your deceivingly simple arsenal. What have saltine crackers got to do with iPhones, anyway? Well, thanks to Zero Gravity, you can turn your iPhone into one large cracker by choosing it as a case design.

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Shiny AluFrame Case for iPhone 5 from Just Mobile

AluFrameWhen you want a classic bumper for your iPhone 5, AluFrame from Just Mobile keeps the slim look and classic styling which made you buy your Apple phone in the first place. The people behind many aluminum Mac and iOS accessories such as AluRack laptop mount and AluPen stylus have created another top of the line product, which definitely delivers just like it promises.

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