Prong PocketPlug Charging Case for iPhone



With smartphones being used 24/7, they are exposed to a great risk of being damaged when accidentally dropped or when they fall off from pockets or bags. At the same time, if you use your smartphone very often, you have more chances of draining its battery really fast and before you know it, your phone has already died on you. But since you cannot have a dead smartphone (either because you dropped it accidentally or your battery ran out of charge), you need a protective case and a handy charger for it. If you think they can’t come together as one, think again.

Here comes a very functional device developed by Prong. Aptly called PocketPlug, this plug-in charger case works as a protective case and a charger at the same time.

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International Universal Tablet USB Charger



Don’t you just get really upset when you realize that your gadget’s charger does not fit into the plug of your hotel room? You may have forgotten that electricity voltages and sockets differ from one country to another! So before you let panic set in, it is best to check out USB chargers that have been developed to make it possible for you to charge your gadget anywhere you go, whatever electric voltage your place requires.

One such device is the Go Travel international universal tablet USB charger.

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Kii USB Mobile Charge Connector

Kii Mobile Charger ConnectorWith all the mobile chargers available today, I cannot fathom how hard it is for mobile charger companies to think of a gimmick that will make them stand out. Two common trends are obvious – there are those that go after the environmental friendly, then there are those that go after the more functional. BlueLounge chose the latter and came up with something practical and functional at the same time. Perfect. They called it the Kii USB mobile charger connector.  Continue reading

ChargeBite: When Mobile Chargers Go Social

chargebite-chargerAs you know, while there are many portable chargers on the market these days, they still need to be connected to a power source. What ChargeBite offers you is mobility, you can charge your phone’s dead battery anytime and anywhere as long as your friend shares his iPhone’s charge. Bring it with you anywhere you go; wear it as a keychain so it is with you at all times.

Whether you admit it or not, iPhones have revolutionized the way mobile phones are made. Most of the time, it’s all you’ll ever need—camera, music, videos, calendar, notes, and games. However, despite its greatness, one can never have everything. It always falls short of battery life. So here comes the revolutionary charger that allows you to power up your phone by using the power of your friend’s iPhones!

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