CES 2015: Most Innovative Products


With thousands of companies exhibiting at CES, it can be easy for a great product to get lost in the shuffle. Here is my own selection of some of the most innovative products I saw at the 2015 International CES expo in Las Vegas.

FINsix Dart Laptop Power Adapter

ces-2015-finsix-dart-laptop-adapter_BIGThe incredible thing about the FINsix adapter isn’t it’s small size – it’s that the company has engineered a completely new method for delivering power using VHF switching. Get rid of the brick with this compact adapter that works with nearly every laptop brand!

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LG Offers Smallest Wireless Charger

LG-Wireless-ChargerSmartphones and their chargers are inseparable. Most heavy smartphone users know that from experience. If you use your smartphone at nearly any chance you get, you’ve probably run into more than your fair share of battery shortage. A low battery usually means a desperate search or an active lookout for a wall outlet where you can charge your phone back to full state, hopefully avoiding any disruptions in communications. Wireless chargers eliminate the need to do any searching and the presence of a cable. And LG’s version of the wireless charger, the WCP-300, bundles convenience with ultimate portability as the “world’s smallest.”

The LG WCP-300, showcased by the company during the World Mobile Congress 2013, has rights to the claim as the world’s smallest wireless charger.

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