Toshiba Creates USB Ready Li-ion Battery for Fast Charging

Toshiba Logo

The European arm of Toshiba Electronics has some exciting news for users concerned with charger and how fast they can get gadgets to a full battery. Toshiba Electronics Europe (or TEE for short) has released the technology giant’s first high-current USB-ready Li-ion charger. It is currently one of the fastest chargers in the market, offering charging power that can reach up to 2 amperes.

The Toshiba TC7710WBG battery charger is manufactured using the company’s 0.13-nanometer mixed-signal process technology. How does this achieve a faster charging time? The TC7710WBG uses an efficient switching regulator core that works to optimize power efficiency and allow the quick dissipation of heat. All of which, when not properly engineered, lead to slower charging rates because of an inefficient process.

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