Accessories from Benefiting Susan G. Komen®

susan-g-komen The story of how the Komen Foundation was established never fails to inspire. In 1982, Nancy G. Brinker promised Susan G. Komen, her dying sister, that she would do everything to put an end to breast cancer. And that is how the Susan G. Komen for the Cure Foundation came to be. Today, Komen Foundation continues its fight against breast cancer. By supporting breast cancer research and its involvement in community health outreach and campaign for the early detection and effective treatment for breast cancer, it is able to provide help to nearly 3 million breast cancer patients-turned-survivors in the United States. To fund the foundation, a number of fund-raising campaigns have been launched. One of which is the sale of mobile accessories that will benefit the foundation. This year, US Digital Media, parent company of, will donate 10% from the sales of each Susan G. Komen® mobile accessory to the organization, with a minimum guarantee donation of $25,000. What could be a better way to show support for breast cancer awareness than with fashionable mobile accessories whose proceeds  benefit a foundation fighting for the cause? Continue reading

Monster Watts Qi Small Mobile Chargers



Wireless charging for mobile devices is appealing. Tangle-free and wall outlet-independent, it’s a plus-plus alternative to the more standard charging options for your favorite mobile devices. For Samsung, it’s a mixed bag. While the company allows wireless charging for its mobile devices, namely the Galaxy S4, the Galaxy S3, and the Galaxy Note 2, you would have to buy a wireless charging kit for them that would involve outfitting your smartphone with a new back. For those who don’t want to sacrifice slim design for wireless charging capabilities or just want to control spending, the MonsterWatts Qi Wireless Charger offers the switch to wireless without breaking the bank.

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Prong PocketPlug Charging Case for iPhone



With smartphones being used 24/7, they are exposed to a great risk of being damaged when accidentally dropped or when they fall off from pockets or bags. At the same time, if you use your smartphone very often, you have more chances of draining its battery really fast and before you know it, your phone has already died on you. But since you cannot have a dead smartphone (either because you dropped it accidentally or your battery ran out of charge), you need a protective case and a handy charger for it. If you think they can’t come together as one, think again.

Here comes a very functional device developed by Prong. Aptly called PocketPlug, this plug-in charger case works as a protective case and a charger at the same time.

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Stylish Lepow Moonstone 6000 Mobile Charger



There’s no denying the fact that we have grown dependent on our mobile devices. In this age where phones go beyond simple calling and texting to perform various complex tasks such as taking gorgeous photos and entertaining you for hours with amusing games, it’s no wonder that you get a rush of panic when your phone battery starts to die in a place where no power outlet is available. It’s such a common occurrence for smartphone users as the demands that we place on our smartphones do take its toll by draining the battery power of a phone. Especially over time, it’s not uncommon for a smartphone that’s being used constantly to tread into low battery territory after a few hours. The Lepow Moonstone 6000 mobile chargers offers a solution.

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QuikVolt Mobile Chargers Power Up Smartphones and Tablets

quickvolt_BrandOne of the consequences of an increasingly mobile world is an increasingly fast-paced lifestyle and, naturally, an increasing need to use mobile technology more frequently. It is for this reason that the experience of running out of battery power at severely inconvenient moments is an experience not unfamiliar to most of us. Fortunately, a device that’s swiftly gaining popularity may be able to rid us of this experience forever.

Mobile Mars, one of the leading distributors of various mobile accessories, provides a product line of mobile chargers branded QuikVolt. Also referred to as ‘power banks’, mobile chargers are accessories that let you store power that you can use to charge devices like phones, tablets, or any other device that can be charged via USB. Charge the power bank at home or during your idle time, and once its capacity is full, you can bring it with you to charge your devices in locations where a power outlet may not be available.

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