Mipwr Dynamo Hand-Pump iPhone Case and Charger


Back in the day, we associated science with those glasses-wearing mastermind geeks that spent their free time in the chemistry lab. Being a science and technology lover was social suicide. However, the future has arrived and science and technology is cool now. So don’t be afraid to embrace your scientific side or bat your eyelashes at a so-called in physics class.

We’re not saying that the makers behind Mipwr Dynamo are nerds, but they’ve definitely come up with something that attests to the fact that science is indeed cool. The Mipwr Dynamo looks like an iPhone case but is actually a hand-pump charger which uses electromagnetic induction to charge your iPhone 4 or 4S (a prototype is being made for the iPhone 5 and 5S). No external power supply is needed, which is great for anyone on-the-go when their battery is starting to run low.

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Monster Watts Qi Small Mobile Chargers



Wireless charging for mobile devices is appealing. Tangle-free and wall outlet-independent, it’s a plus-plus alternative to the more standard charging options for your favorite mobile devices. For Samsung, it’s a mixed bag. While the company allows wireless charging for its mobile devices, namely the Galaxy S4, the Galaxy S3, and the Galaxy Note 2, you would have to buy a wireless charging kit for them that would involve outfitting your smartphone with a new back. For those who don’t want to sacrifice slim design for wireless charging capabilities or just want to control spending, the MonsterWatts Qi Wireless Charger offers the switch to wireless without breaking the bank.

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MultiDock Charger by Griffin


If you got a handful of gadget, it’s more than just wise to get at least as many chargers as you have as many gadgets. Unfortunately, many of us still settle with just one charger for the sake of convenience (read: not having to carry all your chargers at the same time) This alarming situation is what probably motivated Griffin Technology, which, in collaboration with former Apple designer Thomas Meyerhoffer, has come up with its newly redesigned MultiDock Charger that allows people to charge, store, and sync several mobile devices at the same time.

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The MYFC Powertrekk Charges Smartphones with Water!

MYFC-Powertrekk-Water-Cell-Phone-ChargerHave you ever gone trekking for days? Have you ever camped in the mountains for a week? Have you ever traveled to a remote place where no electricity is available? If you answered yes to any of these, then you may have experienced the frustration of finding your smartphone dead while in the middle of nowhere. Don’t worry, MYFC has found a way to solve this one common issue faced by trekkers, campers and other adventure-seekers. It’s called Powertrekk, the first ever mobile charger that uses water.

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Solar Powered Mobile Phone Charger in Nivea Marketing Campaign

nivea-mobile-chargerIf the common perception is that companies whose specialties lie outside of the technology industry could care less about making significant technological contributions, that point of view will soon have to be revised. Recent news has a big cosmetic products company pushing for a campaign that you would normally expect from one of the more technologically inclined companies like Sony and Samsung. But as it turns, Nivea has funded and fully realized a sunscreen ad campaign that features a solar-powered mobile phone charger.

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