CES 2014: Mimoco Introduces BatteryBot Mobile Chargers


Mimoco Introduces BatteryBot Mobile ChargersWe caught up with the folks from Mimoco in their booth at CES 2014. In the past, we have written about their line of MimoBot character-shaped USB flash drives on our sister site PremiumUSB Blog. We stopped by to check out what they’re working on now, and boy, are we glad we did!

New for 2014, Mimoco will be launching a line of BatteryBot USB mobile chargers. These power banks will provide a recharge to any smartphone or tablet while on the go. In a world of ever-more-powerful mobile devices, battery life is more critical than ever.

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New Trent USB PowerPak+

PowerPak+Your mobile device running out of battery is already a common scene. You bring out your portable charger to juice up but then realize, it’s not enough to power your three smartphones and tablet. How you wish your mobile charger is much more powerful. Then you read about New Trent’s PowerPak+, its largest battery capacity to date with its 13,500mAh power. You’re feeling a lot better.

PowerPak+, a portable smartphone and tablet battery pack, has the power to charge phones or tablets up to six times. Built to last, the USB charger guarantees a 500x charge cycle for your PowerPak+. It comes with a dual USB with 1A and 2A charge ports, which means you can even charge two phones at simultaneously. Continue reading

Gum Duo Max USB Charger By Just Mobile Review

Gum Duo Max Mobile ChargerPortable USB chargers are getting more popular as more people find themselves looking for ways to avoid carrying too many cables and chargers. Portable USB chargers offer an all-in-one deal that’s very appealing to consumers. If you take a lot of gadgets with you or are preparing to go on a lengthy trip, then a heavy duty USB charger would be something handy to have. And now to help out with any mobile device charging worries, Just Mobile came up with the Gum Duo Max USB Charger, a small but hefty portable charger that packs a lot of power and punch for its size.  Continue reading

Hand-Cranked Mobile Chargers

Hand-cranked-mobile-chargerToday, it’s hard to imagine going about your daily business without having a cellular phone near you handy. Smartphones and other mobile gadgets have become so essential that when the worst forms of Mother Nature strikes people are stressing over the sudden and complete lack of communication. No electricity means there’s no charging a phone on its ways into a dead battery stage. With the SOSCharger, you don’t have to worry about getting stuck in a place with no connection to other people because of a dead or dying battery.

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