SolarFocus Solar Mio Power Charger


Do you think you can survive without electric power for a day? Just the thought of it can send panic attacks to some of us. How do you get through the day without having the means to charge your essential gadgets like tablets and smartphones? Well, it sure is a good thing that SolarFocus has developed a solar power charger that keeps your gadgets fully juiced up even without electricity. All you need is the sun.

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QuikVolt Mobile Chargers Power Up Smartphones and Tablets

quickvolt_BrandOne of the consequences of an increasingly mobile world is an increasingly fast-paced lifestyle and, naturally, an increasing need to use mobile technology more frequently. It is for this reason that the experience of running out of battery power at severely inconvenient moments is an experience not unfamiliar to most of us. Fortunately, a device that’s swiftly gaining popularity may be able to rid us of this experience forever.

Mobile Mars, one of the leading distributors of various mobile accessories, provides a product line of mobile chargers branded QuikVolt. Also referred to as ‘power banks’, mobile chargers are accessories that let you store power that you can use to charge devices like phones, tablets, or any other device that can be charged via USB. Charge the power bank at home or during your idle time, and once its capacity is full, you can bring it with you to charge your devices in locations where a power outlet may not be available.

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New Trent USB PowerPak+

PowerPak+Your mobile device running out of battery is already a common scene. You bring out your portable charger to juice up but then realize, it’s not enough to power your three smartphones and tablet. How you wish your mobile charger is much more powerful. Then you read about New Trent’s PowerPak+, its largest battery capacity to date with its 13,500mAh power. You’re feeling a lot better.

PowerPak+, a portable smartphone and tablet battery pack, has the power to charge phones or tablets up to six times. Built to last, the USB charger guarantees a 500x charge cycle for your PowerPak+. It comes with a dual USB with 1A and 2A charge ports, which means you can even charge two phones at simultaneously. Continue reading

Back to School – College Branded Mobile Accessories

collegiate-licensed-brand-mobilemarsAre you ready for school? Apart from grabbing books, notebooks, and pens – make sure you do not miss out on college branded mobile accessories that will surely keep your school spirit alive and kicking! Whether listening to music, surfing the internet, or storing your accessories, Mobile Mars by US Digital Media has your school spirit covered.

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