Monster Watts Qi Small Mobile Chargers



Wireless charging for mobile devices is appealing. Tangle-free and wall outlet-independent, it’s a plus-plus alternative to the more standard charging options for your favorite mobile devices. For Samsung, it’s a mixed bag. While the company allows wireless charging for its mobile devices, namely the Galaxy S4, the Galaxy S3, and the Galaxy Note 2, you would have to buy a wireless charging kit for them that would involve outfitting your smartphone with a new back. For those who don’t want to sacrifice slim design for wireless charging capabilities or just want to control spending, the MonsterWatts Qi Wireless Charger offers the switch to wireless without breaking the bank.

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Qi Wireless Charger Supports Five Devices

Qi Wirelss ChargerWireless charging is the new thing in mobile gadget charging these days. Its place in the spotlight was once taken up by mobile phone chargers, whose variety can get dizzying when you pay hard attention. If the allure of mobile phone chargers revolves around the idea of ultra-portability, then the appeal of wireless charging stems from the wish to live in a cable-free, tangle-free technological world. Even more alluring would be a wireless charging device that can charge all your mobile gadgets at once without much trouble. The company ConvenientPower happens to be the first to offer such a device. Its WoW5 Qi wireless charger allows five gadgets to charge simultaneously, a first that spans the world.

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