Back To School – Make It A Party With The Logitech UE Boom Mobile Speaker

UE-BOOM-PoolSince traditional speakers cater to one device, partygoers tend to end up listening and dancing to only one person’s playlist. But that is a thing of the past now with the UE (Ultimate Ears) Boom mobile speaker from Logitech. Using bluetooth, UE Boom allows two users with two separate devices to share the speaker simultaneously and take turns playing their playlist. Not surprisingly, the UE Boom has already been tagged as a ‘social music player’, making it the first ever.

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Brando Mobile Phone Plug-in Speaker

Brando Speaker

If you love listening to music on your mobile phone, chances are your number one accessory in use is a pair of earphones or headphones. It may not matter whether it’s the high end kind or the ones that come stock with some phones, but you no doubt have one to keep your ears preoccupied throughout the day. There are times, however, when putting on earphones or headphones may not be the most convenient thing. For one, if you move around a lot or want to separate your person from your phone but have to deal with the cable connected your ears to your phone. For these times, it would be nice to have speakers, so you could still enjoy music without a break or pause in playback. Brando’s mobile phone speaker offers just that in a miniature form. Continue reading

Guard Dog Smartphone and iPhone Cases


Mobile Mars focuses on offering the best in branded mobile accessories. Featuring the organizations that you love to support, from US ARMY® and many other branches of the Armed Forces, as well as Susan G. Komen® and over 160 universities and college sport teams! Whether it’s about supporting a specific cause, the military, or your favorite college team, Mobile Mars has the accessories for it. Mobile Mars introduces a new line of phone cases. Now you can protect your smartphones and tablets and show your loyalty to the cause.

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PhotoJojo Pocket Spotlight – An Enhanced iPhone Flash

pocket_spotlightAsk iPhone users what they think about their iPhone flash and you will hear nonstop complaints for getting less than pleasant results. They will most likely say that the flash is just too harsh or too bright, that they’d rather have it turned off. It’s a given that the iPhone’s flash is not one of those things Apple device owners are proud of. But that doesn’t mean you can’t make the most of your camera phone, especially since an ingenious developer named Photojojo created Pocket Spotlight, a new accessory that will give you the portable light you need when taking a photo.

The Pocket Spotlight looks like, well, a flash – the ones you see professional photographers carry around to enhance their shots. But note that it is not really a flash; rather, it acts as an illuminator, providing the right amount of light to properly present your photo subject no matter how dark or low-lighted the surrounding is, and whether you are taking shots outdoor or indoor.

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