CulCharge USB Charger


Ever wished for a USB cable that was extremely portable and never gave you the tangled cable problem? It’s safe to bet that that’s one of the main hassles involved with lugging around standard USB cables. No matter how hard you try to keep them neat and orderly in your pack, they always somehow end up in a tangled mess that would take you time to completely unfurl. Well, if you were to have the smallest USB charger in the world, it shouldn’t be a problem to bring along a cable with you to charge your USB devices with. The CulCharge USB Charger is exactly the item you’re looking for.

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Vodafone Mobile Charging Power Shorts and Recharge Sleeping Bag

recharge-bagAs if the number of ways in which you can charge your mobile gadgets through the USB format is not as varied as it is, there’s another way you can achieve the full battery state with your charger. Introducing the Vodafone Power Shorts and Recharge Sleeping Bag, two types of mobile chargers that store energy that can be used to charge your beloved accessories. The unique thing about the pair of shorts and the sleeping bag is that the energy harvested derives from the tiny movements that can happen within the confines of a pocket during the day and a sleeping bag during the night.

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Teen Invents Super Smartphone Charger

Eesha-KhareSmartphone, tablets, and other mobile gadgets are extremely useful for a variety of applications. They can serve as phone, e-readers, internet browsers and more than a few other things. But their advantages come with one crucial shortcoming, a slow-charging and at times short-lived battery. Soon, the hours of waiting for your smartphones and tablets to reach a full charge may soon be over. The Intel International Science and Engineering Fair exploded with the story of Eesha Khare, the 18-year-old who invented a super-capacitor that could vanish all those long waits by electric outlets once and for all.

Her invention of a super-capacitor that could eventually charge batteries to full state in seconds won Eesha Khare the Intel Foundation’s Young Scientist Award, presented in Phoenix, Arizona. The idea of a super-capacitator came to Khare when she got tired of her cellphone’s battery, which often died through repeated charging. This is something that has happened to us way too many times, so we are excited to get Eesha’s invention through production in our hands and in our phones!

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USB Battery Packs for Mobile Devices

Mobile-ChargersCharging on the go doesn’t have to involve bringing a bunch of chargers and cables around. With USB battery packs, you can forego cables and chargers and have all your mobile gadgets charging from one source. To be able to do this though, you need a high-capacity USB battery pack with enough milliamperes to provide enough power for the gadgets you have. Luckily, there are a growing number of mobile battery packs available on the market.

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