CES 2015: 5 Amazing New Smartphones


As mobile phones become a more integral part of our daily lives and our society, they are becoming more than just communication devices. Phones also include cameras, fitness trackers, and a variety of other features designed to make life easier and more convenient.

Here are 5 brand-new smartphones I saw at CES 2015 that I would say are truly amazing.

Kodak IM5 Smartphone

ces-2015-kodak-smartphone_BIGThe first-ever smartphone from Kodak might also be the first one your grandparents can use. The Android-powered device features extra-large, high-contrast icons and a custom interface that is simple to use. The bundled Kodak camera app allows you to take and print photos easily, while the Remote Assist feature allows the grandkids to log in remotely and manage contacts, etc.

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Rumors Flying About Samsung Galaxy S5 Smartphone


Samsung hit a home run when it launched the Galaxy S3 in July of 2012, selling over 20 million units of their flagship smartphone in the first 100 days. Samsung then went to the moon with the Galaxy S4, which was launched in April 2013 and became the fastest selling phone in the company’s history.

The Galaxy S4 is currently the latest and greatest smartphone and has helped Samsung close the gap in market share between the reigning champion Apple iPhone. But rumors are already flying about Samsung’s next big thing: the Galaxy S5.

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On the Horizon: Self-Charging Cell Phone Screens

Self-charging-cell-phone-screensJust as interconnectedness today has many advantages, so are there just as many disadvantages. While the technology in mobile devices, especially smartphones, continue to make convenience an even more common concept, inconsistencies surfaces that make dents on the smooth surface of innovation. In the realm of mobile devices, which include smartphones, tablets, and the like, these “dents” or inconveniences have a lot to do with mobile devices batteries draining after just half a day because of constant use. The solution a startup in France suggested? Cellphones that charge themselves by using solar power.

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Qi Wireless Charger Supports Five Devices

Qi Wirelss ChargerWireless charging is the new thing in mobile gadget charging these days. Its place in the spotlight was once taken up by mobile phone chargers, whose variety can get dizzying when you pay hard attention. If the allure of mobile phone chargers revolves around the idea of ultra-portability, then the appeal of wireless charging stems from the wish to live in a cable-free, tangle-free technological world. Even more alluring would be a wireless charging device that can charge all your mobile gadgets at once without much trouble. The company ConvenientPower happens to be the first to offer such a device. Its WoW5 Qi wireless charger allows five gadgets to charge simultaneously, a first that spans the world.

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Solar Powered Mobile Phone Charger in Nivea Marketing Campaign

nivea-mobile-chargerIf the common perception is that companies whose specialties lie outside of the technology industry could care less about making significant technological contributions, that point of view will soon have to be revised. Recent news has a big cosmetic products company pushing for a campaign that you would normally expect from one of the more technologically inclined companies like Sony and Samsung. But as it turns, Nivea has funded and fully realized a sunscreen ad campaign that features a solar-powered mobile phone charger.

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