DIY iPad Case: Composition Notebook

diy-ipad-caseYou’re in class and suddenly out of nowhere, it strikes you – boredom.  You know that your teacher would frown upon it or, worse, reprimand you in front of your classmates if she caught you playing with your tablet during class. But what to do in these extremely trying times? Try a DIY iPad case made from a Composition Notebook!

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Accessories from Benefiting Susan G. Komen®

susan-g-komen The story of how the Komen Foundation was established never fails to inspire. In 1982, Nancy G. Brinker promised Susan G. Komen, her dying sister, that she would do everything to put an end to breast cancer. And that is how the Susan G. Komen for the Cure Foundation came to be. Today, Komen Foundation continues its fight against breast cancer. By supporting breast cancer research and its involvement in community health outreach and campaign for the early detection and effective treatment for breast cancer, it is able to provide help to nearly 3 million breast cancer patients-turned-survivors in the United States. To fund the foundation, a number of fund-raising campaigns have been launched. One of which is the sale of mobile accessories that will benefit the foundation. This year, US Digital Media, parent company of, will donate 10% from the sales of each Susan G. Komen® mobile accessory to the organization, with a minimum guarantee donation of $25,000. What could be a better way to show support for breast cancer awareness than with fashionable mobile accessories whose proceeds  benefit a foundation fighting for the cause? Continue reading

How To: DIY iPad Case

How To DIY iPad Case

Accessories are a way to express your individuality; that is why it is so frustrating when you see someone else sporting the same item that is supposed to set you apart from the pack. It’s even more frustrating when the accessories don’t come cheap, like designer handbags that cost thousands of dollars. Luckily, with iPad cases, few of them cost you thousands of dollars but a top-quality one with a great design will certainly set you back a few bucks. How can you show off your unique personality without having to shell out tons of cash and ensuring that your iPad is well-protected? Through a DIY iPad case.

Fortunately, there is an inexpensive solution to have a personalized iPad case that is also very fun – just do it yourself! Natalie from Crème de la craft has come up with an easy, step-by-step way that can be done by those that are not in the least bit artistic using pieces of self-adhesive cork and soft material such as an old t-shirt.

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Susan G. Komen Tablet Cases at Mobile Mars

susuan-g-komen-tablet-cases-mobilemarsThere are thousands of ways to cover and protect your valuable tablet. But being able to keep your iPad® safe and give awareness AND donations to Susan G. Komen®. Branded tablet cases are compatible with iPad 2, 3, and Mini.

The Mobile Mars Tablet Cases for Susan G. Komen are made using Guard Dog cases. The cases themselves are made from a hard plastic material that is durable enough to protect your expensive and valuable Apple iPad from minor scratches and bumps that might damage its exterior.

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