MobileMars Air Force Earbuds and Mobile Accessories


The variety of products being offered on US Digital Media’s new site is increasing more and more. The site is dedicated to providing consumers with different quality accessories for their mobiles devices, ranging from tablets to smartphones. Under special licensing agreements, Mobile Mars is able to offer recognizable brands on their products; some current licensed brands just happen to be the U.S. Army, Susan G. Komen, and the U.S. Air Force. With that Mobile Mars is introducing a new set of mobile accessories specially designed to show your U.S. Air Force support.

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BudBags Earbud Storage For Everyone

budbags-mobilemarsAudioSpice earbuds are great listening accessories to have. They’re portable and are usually easy to stash most anywhere (in your pocket, in a bag, or in a pouch). Keeping them in a pouch especially made for storing earbuds, however, make them last longer than if they were kept in any random place. Fortunately, MobileMars, US Digital Media’s new site dedicated to mobile phone accessories, is offering the perfect complement and protection for AudioSpice earbuds. Introducing, BudBags, featuring designs from over 100 NCAA college teams, Susan G. Komen®, U.S. ARMY®, and the U.S. Air Force.

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