QuikVolt Mobile Chargers Power Up Smartphones and Tablets

quickvolt_BrandOne of the consequences of an increasingly mobile world is an increasingly fast-paced lifestyle and, naturally, an increasing need to use mobile technology more frequently. It is for this reason that the experience of running out of battery power at severely inconvenient moments is an experience not unfamiliar to most of us. Fortunately, a device that’s swiftly gaining popularity may be able to rid us of this experience forever.

Mobile Mars, one of the leading distributors of various mobile accessories, provides a product line of mobile chargers branded QuikVolt. Also referred to as ‘power banks’, mobile chargers are accessories that let you store power that you can use to charge devices like phones, tablets, or any other device that can be charged via USB. Charge the power bank at home or during your idle time, and once its capacity is full, you can bring it with you to charge your devices in locations where a power outlet may not be available.

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Dark Energy’s The Reservoir Continuous Use Mobile Charger

RESERVOIRIf you’re one who loves to travel to destinations off the beaten track where electricity barely exists; if you’re the type to spend week-long vacations in the hidden gems of nature, where no power outlet is available; if you’re one who tends to forget your charger when traveling, for some strange reason (like me); if you’re one to carry multiple gadgets – well, who isn’t nowadays – then Dark Energy’s The Reservoir is aiming their mobile charger at you.

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Best Way to Charge Mobile Phones and Devices

Mobile-Device-ChargingHave you always wondered if charging your iPad using an iPhone’s charger takes the same time as using the iPad’s own charger? Have you hesitated using a BlackBerry charger to charge your Samsung device though they have similar Micro USB ports?

While it is okay to charge your device with another charger for as long as they are compatible, it is hard to determine whether this can have an effect on the battery life of your device. Indeed, we all want to have long lasting batteries. But sometimes, for reasons we don’t understand, our batteries do not last as long as expected. This problem is often attributed to the issue of not knowing the best way to charge your smart phones and mobile devices.

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USB Battery Packs for Mobile Devices

Mobile-ChargersCharging on the go doesn’t have to involve bringing a bunch of chargers and cables around. With USB battery packs, you can forego cables and chargers and have all your mobile gadgets charging from one source. To be able to do this though, you need a high-capacity USB battery pack with enough milliamperes to provide enough power for the gadgets you have. Luckily, there are a growing number of mobile battery packs available on the market.

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DIY Mobile Charger from a Flashlight


Portable mobile chargers provide a useful boost for your gadgets when you’re on the road. While it’s easy to just go out and buy one, it’s always fun (and cheaper in the long run) to make your accessories, especially if you have the know-how. With DIY projects constantly appearing on the web, it’s easy to get the know-how, pair it with a set of tools, and set some time to get started. Creating your own durable, high power mobile charger just involves tinkering with a flashlight.

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