Hyundai First Car to Install USB Ports for Mobile Charging


When you’re driving your car and you look on the dashboard, what do you see?  Besides the essentials that allow you to safely operate your car, there are a lot of things that one usually takes for granted. Perhaps a very much overlooked item on a dashboard is the cigarette lighter. Introduced in cars in the 1920s to allow drivers to enjoy a cigar while cruising down the road, cigarette lighters have been a mainstay feature in vehicle for much of the automobile’s history.

The anti-smoking movement decreased the amount of people smoking cigarettes, but it did not initially render the cigarette lighter obsolete. This is because a cigarette lighter can charge mobile devices such as phones and GPS units. However, with USB cables being the more common cables for mobile devices, it looks like the sun will set on cigarette lighters and rise for USB ports on dashboards.

Hyundai, the South Korean car manufacturer, will be the first automobile company in the world to replace cigarette lighters with USB ports.

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