Monster SuperStar Backfloat Bluetooth Speaker Review with Video



Today’s top smartphones from Apple and Samsung offer amazing screens, high-resolution cameras, and ever-increasing amounts of storage and battery life. But there’s one area where even the best phones disappoint: playing audio through the built-in speaker.

Many people have turned to wireless Bluetooth speakers as a way to enjoy better quality sound from their mobile devices. With their larger drivers, a portable speaker can play louder and clearer without distorting. The marketplace for speakers is getting crowded with products from Jambox, Urbanears, and of course, the Beats Pill speaker by Dr. Dre.

At CES 2015, I was introduced to a Bluetooth speaker that really stood out from the crowd. The Superstar Backfloat from Monster can do one thing these other speakers cannot: it can go swimming in the pool with you! Think about that for a second: electronics and water are not a good mix. Monster has managed to take a portable Bluetooth speaker and not only make it waterproof, but it also floats on the surface instead of sinking to the bottom.

Video review by Ryan from MobileMars

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CES 2013: House of Marley Interview with Rohan Marley

HouseofMarleyLogoFootball player, philanthropist, and Founder of House of Marley, Rohan Marley, son of legendary rocker Bob Marley sits down with us to talk about his inspiration for the line of eco-friendly audio headphones, earbuds and mobile speakers.

We love what they are doing over there, it is truly a blast to hang out with someone as inspirational and aspirational as Rohan.