Wireless Mobile Phone Charging with Cota Technology from Ossia


It’s hard not to feel like a prisoner when you’re waiting for your phone to charge but you still need to use it. You are bound to the wall by a short length, unable to walk around freely.  The worst is when the power outlet which you are using to charge your phone is in an inconvenient spot, such as behind the bed because you lose a lot of your productivity having to lie down and wait for it to charge.  But what can a person do when they need to get things done using their phone?

Freedom will soon be yours, thanks to a company called Ossia. Its CEO is a physicist named Hatem Zeine.  The company has hatched the plans for a revolutionary wireless charging system called Cota technology that can charge multiple devices within 30 feet.  Continue reading

Duracell PowerSnap Wireless Charger for iPhone 5 Reviewed

Wireless charging is the next big thing for mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. Wireless is good news for those constantly being bothered by cables, and Qi wireless chargers are starting to pop up all over the place to cater to user demands. Though the wireless charging niche is still in its infancy, it has a lot of potential and seems to point towards a burgeoning trend. Unfortunately for Apple mobile device owners, all the hubbub about wireless charging is benefitting Android devices more. But there is hope for Apple users eager to give the wireless charging game a try. That hope comes in the form of the Duracell PowerSnap wireless charger for the iPhone 5.

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Will Wireless Charging Go Industry Wide?


With the amount of buzz wireless charging has been getting these days, you would think it’s a new invention. But in reality, technology for wireless charging has been in existence since the 80’s, 1981 to be exact. Nevertheless, it can’t be discounted that today’s industry has contributed a lot to that technology’s development. Smartphone manufacturers, such as Samsung, Nokia, and HTC, are leading the way with this one, attempting to offer as much convenience as possible to consumers wanting to juice their gadgets without the hassle of cables. The question in the minds of many now is whether wireless charging technology will develop enough to take over the whole industry.

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